Introduction to my Blog

I have created this blog in order to develop and share my ideas in a particular sphere of philosophy. They are primarily concerned with art as a form of knowledge and the inner necessity of moral virtue to human experience. I see these interests as closely related ways of examining a life that is valued in itself, and the main arguments are supported by theories of non-mechanical causation, the psychology of sensory perception and the mutual involvement of materiality and self-awareness. I have published three books:  The Basis of Morality and its Relation to Dramatic Form in a Study of David CopperfieldForms of Enlightenment in Art and Sensory Knowledge and Art; and they are described below. In addition, my essays are available to read or download by clicking on my name to the right, under BLOG ARCHIVE (REFLECTIONS).



The Form of Inner Experience and The Art of the Fugue (2021)

The Inner Necessity of Moral Virtue (2020)

The Mutual Involvement of Materiality and Self-Awareness (August 2019)

Perception, Reason and Substance (May 2019)

Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Causation (2018)

Mind and Body - extract from Sensory Knowledge and Art (2017)

Sensory Knowledge and Art (2017)

Sensory Knowledge, Phenomena and Natural Language (2015)

Hamlet (2013)

On the dedication for Shakespeare’s Sonnets (2012)

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